Video: Liquid Pixels

Posted by on May 22, 2014

Liquid Pixels - Cups Of Colored Water

Thousands of cups of colored water used by artist Belo Serge to create an image.

In the video below, Artist Belo Serge uses biodegradable paper cups filled with dyed rainwater to create an image intended to raise awareness about the growing clean water crisis on our planet. Liquid pixels – that’s what we’re seeing in this video. If you think about it, they’re very much like the electronic pixels on a digital camera sensor.

Liquid Pixels – A Rainwater Mosaic:

Making a video of the process and using water as a symbolic medium elevates the final work, adding even more meaning and depth to the image. However, as cool a concept as Belo’s artwork is, what drew me to it is the way it parallels a digital camera sensor. It’s not a perfect representation, but I couldn’t help but notice how much it looks like a digital photo, which is also made up of thousands of dots of varying shades and colors. The “capture” method is a little different, but the resulting product is the same. When viewed from a reasonable distance, you see a clear image instead of a bunch of dots. The bit-depth of the image in the video is more 1994 than 2014, though.

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