Reflecting On Little Creek Mesa

Posted by on September 24, 2014

Reflecting On Little Creek Mesa

Quentin, from Over the Edge, Hurricane bike shop, reflected in a rain-filled pool on Little Creek Mesa, in Southern Utah.

Reflecting on Little Creek Mesa: I was blessed to be able to experience this sunset and capture this photo a couple of weeks ago out on Little Creek Mesa, near St. George, Utah. I intended to sit on it, shop it out to magazines and see if I could make some money. But I suck at being patient and I like to share. So please enjoy. Mountain biking isn’t always about sweet jumps or flowy singletrack. Not for me, anyway. Sometimes you just need to slow down, soak it all in, and reflect.

Thanks to Quentin from Over the Edge, Hurricane for taking me out on this short but spectacular ride. I love Little Creek but I wouldn’t recommend riding out there without a local guide. It’s technical, the trail is tough to follow and the consequences of making a mistake could be fatal. If you want to experience Little Creek for yourself, stop by Over the Edge and join them on their next shop ride.

For the photographers – this photo was taken with the new Sony Alpha A77 Mark II digital SLR and 16-50mm f/2.8 zoom lens. It’s a hell of a combo for outdoor and action photography. If you want to know more about the camera, read my Sony A77 II intro, or my A77 II Shooter’s Report on

Here are a few more of my photos from Little Creek, taken over the past few years:

Little Creek Mesa Photos:

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