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Posted by on March 26, 2014

Chimera Splitboards owner, Alister Horn, carving a big frontside turn near Alta, Utah.

Coffee on the tram at Snowbird Ski Resort.

A glorious spring powder day in the Wasatch backcountry, near Brighton, Utah.

Is there anything better than a bluebird powder day in Utah?

Bikini snowboarder on closing day at Brighton ski resort, in Utah.

Steep powder turns in the Wasatch backcountry.

Splitboard touring in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

You know it's a serious powder day when you get pictures like this - Alta, Utah.

A self-portrait taken on a great powder day in the Wasatch backcountry.

Greg gets some snow on his face for his birthday, in the Wasatch backcountry - Little Cottonwood Canyon.

A perfect spring harvest in the Wasatch backcountry.

Looking west towards Alta and Snowbird, from the top of Grizzly Gulch.

Sequence of Pat Branch on a rail in the Solitude terrain park.

Jan the Telemarketer, getting down in some windbuff in the Tahoe backcountry.

Climbing up to the ridge dividing Big Cottonwood Canyon from Mill Creek Canyon.

Looking up at the cliffs of Honeycomb Canyon, at Solitude Ski Resort.

Pow slashing at Solitude on a very good day.

Professional skier, Grete Elliasen, practicing tricks at the Olympic Park ski jump practice pool in Park City, Utah.

A reflective moment in the Wasatch backcountry.

Ski touring Pink Pine, in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Climbing up Mt. Millicent, in the Brighton backcountry.

Backcountry aspen grove powder surfing in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Alta is for snowboards! Splitboard on the skintrack, just outside of Alta Ski Resort.

Alpenglow on Mount Olympus, above Salt Lake City, Utah.

As a longtime landscape and mountain bike photographer, it was natural to start taking ski and snowboard photos when I moved to Salt Lake City. Technically, snow sports photography is more challenging because of the tricky light and added difficulty of working on skis in snowy and sometimes dangerous terrain. But aesthetically, ski and snowboard photos are very similar to mountain bike photos. It’s all about capturing great action in a dramatic setting. And just like a great mountain bike photo, a well-executed ski photo will transport you and make you wish you were there.

Ski and Snowboard Photos: Grizzly Gulch Touring

Looking west towards Alta and Snowbird, from the top of Grizzly Gulch.

I shoot plenty of photos in the ski resorts but it’s the backcountry I really love. I especially like ski and snowboard photos that convey the feeling of adventure and solitude you get when you venture outside the resorts. Banging out laps in a ski resort is definitely fun and it’s a lot easier to get more photos when you can ride a lift. But in-bounds ski photography never feels as rewarding as a solid backcountry photo. Backcountry ski and snowboard photos require more planning, effort and preparation. But it sure is worth it when you get a good one. There’s also better powder and the added adventure of being in the backcountry is a nice bonus.

Ski and Snowboard Photos: Steep & Deep

A perfect spring harvest in the Wasatch backcountry.

The ski and snowboard photos in this gallery cover a variety of snow sports photo subjects, including backcountry ski touring, splitboarding, terrain park, mountain landscapes, and plenty of powder porn. If you need ski, snowboard or other snow-related photos, please contact me and let’s talk about how I can serve your needs. If you have a ski, snowboard or other snow sports product you need photos of, product photography is one of my specialties. To get an idea of what I can do, take a look at my product photography portfolio. No matter what kind of ski or snowboard photos you need, I can help.

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