Fezzari Bikes Spring Sale Event Photos

Posted by on May 7, 2014

Big Air At the Fezzari Bike Spring Sale Event

Utah County BMX badass, RamRod Murray, stretching it out in the air at Fezzari’s spring parking lot sale.

Utah bike manufacturer Fezzari threw down a big spring parking lot party and sale last Friday, at their Lindon headquarters. There were deals on bikes and gear, aerial BMX shenanigans, a raffle, and a couple of food trucks. When I found out there was going to be a corn dog truck, there was no way they could keep me away. Although my real goal was to consume corn dogs and waffles, I also brought a camera to document the goings on. Read on to learn more or just scroll on down to the gallery to see my Fezzari bike spring sale event photos.

Food Trucks At Fezzari's Spring Parking Lot Sale

Fezzari brought in food trucks with waffles corn dogs to feed the people who came to their spring parking lot sale.

BMX Tricks During Fezzari Bikes Raffle

During the raffle at Fezzari’s spring sale and party, BMX riders were throwing down huge tricks on the box jump in the parking lot.

I wasn’t joking about the corn dogs. I have a serious weakness for deep-fried wieners coated in cornmeal and covered with mustard. Yum! The corn dog truck sealed the deal for me but I also had a waffle from the I Heart Waffles truck. If you’ve never had a “liege waffle,” you’re missing out. They have a sugary batter that caramelizes in the waffle-maker so there’s a sweet, crispy crust. Generally you eat them with toppings like whipped cream and fruit, which are a perfect complement to the crunchy, sugary pastry. I had “the Works,” which the waffle truck dudes said was their most popular offering. It was topped with Biscoff cookie butter, cream, strawberries and raspberries. It was delicious!

World's Best Corn Dog!

They call it the World’s Best Corn Dog. Who am I to argue?

Ziggy Ansah Loves Waffles!

Ziggy Ansah, a friend of Fezzari Bicycles, ex-BYU football star and Detroit Lions defensive end, shows off the waffle he got from the Waffle Love food truck at Fezzari’s spring parking lot party.

Oh yeah – the bikes. Fezzari is a direct-to-consumer bike maker located in Utah County, about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City, Utah. They make a full range of mountain, road and hybrid bikes, from entry-level to the very, very high-end. Their specialty is custom fitting – even though most of their customers don’t live in Utah and order via the Internet or phone. And because they deal direct and cut out the middleman, the buyer gets a whole lot more for their money. Case-in-point – the all-carbon Timp Peak mountain bike (see, below), which has 27.5-inch wheels, 150mm of travel, and sells for thousands less than comparable bikes from boutique brands. I’ve had my eye on the Timp Peak for a while and there’s a very good chance I’ll have one in my garage before this season is over.

Fezzari Timp Peak 27.5 Carbon Mountain Bike

Fezzari’s top-of-the-line mountain bike, the all-carbon, 27.5-inch wheel, 150mm travel trail bike.

Fezzari’s spring parking lot sale was the first they’ve ever had but I expect there will be many more. There were lots of people having fun, the food was great, and I’m pretty sure they sold a bunch of bikes. I had a great time, took lots of fun photos and got to eat a corn dog and a waffle. The only way my day could have been better is if I’d left with a new Fezzari Timp Peak and gone for a ride.

Raffle Winner - Fezzari Spring Fling

A lucky raffle winner winner at Fezzari Bicycles’ first spring parking lot event.

Fezzari Bicycles Utah Headquarters

Fezzari Bicycles main office and showroom in Lindon, Utah, during their first spring parking lot sale and party.

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Fezzari Bike Spring Sale Event Photos:

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