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Posted by on March 12, 2015

Photo-John's Most Interesting Photos of 2014

A collage of photos from my Most Interesting Photos of 2014 Gallery on Flickr. To browse all of the photos, please visit my Most Interesting Photos of 2014 Gallery.

As a photographer, it’s always interesting to take a look back and see what photos worked and what didn’t. One way to measure photographic success is by making an “Interestingness” Flickr Album. According to Flickr’s super-secret “Interestingness” algorithm, the photos in my Most Interesting Photos Of 2014 gallery are, well – interesting. I don’t know if these are actually my best photos of 2014 – “best” is pretty subjective and probably impossible to measure. I don’t post everything to Flickr, either. That said, these are definitely some of my most popular photos from 2014, as confirmed by the corresponding number of likes, views and comments they also got on Facebook.

Little Creek Mountain Bike Sunset Reflection

This photo of my friend Quentin reflected in a slickrock rain puddle on Little Creek Mesa in Southern Utah is one of my personal favorites from 2014. Prints of this photo are available from my Fine Art Mountain Bike Prints store.

Alta - Summer Storm

A summer storm over Mt. Superior and Alta, in the Wasatch Mountains, above Salt Lake City. Prints available in my Fine Art Landscape Prints store.

Even though it’s not representative of all the photography I do (there are no people, product or ski photos), my Most Interesting Photos of 2014 gallery is a good guide to what my fans and followers like about my work. It’s no surprise the gallery is comprised mostly of mountain bike and landscape photos since those are two of the things I’m best known for and most passionate about. Hopefully next year’s gallery will include a few ski photos, though. Since I hired on at Alta to do their weekend Pic of the Day photos, I’ve had a great opportunity to refine my ski photography.

Jim Harris & Jenni Shafer - Wasatch Crest Trail

I loved this photo when I took it, last July. But Jim Harris, a fellow photographer, has since suffered a spinal injury and that makes the photo a whole lot more important to me, now. Jim is way tougher and braver than I ever hope to be. Check out his photos on his Web site, Perpetual Weekend.

Pink On White

This photo of spring blossoms against snowy mountains is another of my favorites from 2014. Prints of this image are available in the Photo-John Fine Art Landscape Prints store.

Are you curious to find out how your own photos shake out on the “Interestingness” scale? If you’ve got a Flickr account, visit and use their Flickr Set Manager tool to create your own Interestingness gallery. The tool uses Flickr’s super-duper top-secret Interestingness algorithm to create your very own personal best of gallery. You can set all kinds of parameters to customize your album. I have two Interestingness albums – the Most Interesting Photos Of 2014 gallery this article is about; and another that pulls from all of the photos I’ve posted on Flickr. You can check out my main Interestingness album by clicking on the collage below.

Photo-John - Flickr Interestingness Gallery

A collage of photos from my main Flickr Interestingness gallery, featuring the most popular images from all of my Flickr photos.

2 Responses to Best Photos of 2014

  1. Betsy Shafer March 12, 2015 at 9:54 PM

    Really wonderful work. Didn’t know you were that good! Signed, Yo Momma, Photo-Mom (Totally unbiased opinions come from your mom, of course!)

    • Photo-John March 13, 2015 at 1:33 PM

      Thanks, Mom. Glad you enjoy my photos 🙂


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