2014 Brighton Closing Day Photos

Posted by on April 23, 2014

Sasquatch - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

An excited sasquatch at Brighton ski resort’s 2014 season closer.

I’ve attended a few ski resort closing days in the past and they’re always tons of fun. Skiing slush in a T-shirt is cool (as long as you’ve got the right wax on your skis), the silly costumes and vintage ski gear are entertaining, but mostly it’s the party atmosphere and camaraderie with fellow snow sliding junkies that makes it so great. I’ve always taken pictures, too. But I never really had a good place to put them – until now. So here’s a big, fun gallery of Brighton closing day photos – complete with girls in bikini tops, a guy in a dress, and someone puking in the snow.

Bunny Ears Galore - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

When closing day is also Easter Sunday, you can count on seeing tons of bunny ears at the ski resort.

This year, closing day was also Easter Sunday, which happened to fall on April 20th – a.k.a. 4/20. So besides the standard season closer foolishness, there were also lots of bunny ears and marijuana leaves. Since Brighton is in Utah, there wasn’t any obvious pot smoking, as I’m sure there was in Colorado. But people were certainly going out of their way to show off their love for the reefer.

420 / Easter / Closing Day At Brighton Ski Resort

This snowboarder celebrated the convergence of Easter, closing day and 4/20 in style!

Even though it was a bit chilly to comfortably ski in shorts and T-shirt, my wife Jenni and plenty of others did the right thing and showed some skin for closing day. It wouldn’t be a proper season closer without the three B’s: brats, beer and bikinis.

Bikini Snowboarder - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

Ok – it’s not really a bikini. My friend Melissa’s “sexy Hee Haw outfit” description is better. Either way, Jenni is a champ and made a lot of fellas happy by snowboarding in this getup.

Wizard Staff! - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

Saluting the close of the 2013/14 by raising the wizard staff.

Of course, there are always a few who have a little too much fun.

Too Much Fun - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

I found this guy puking in the snow at about noon. He said he started at 8:30 AM. Well done, sir!

Thug Life - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

It’s ok, she’s a pro.

Last but not least, here’s one for the ladies: my brother-in-law Ben, airing it out – in more ways than one. And yes, ladies, he is single.

Airing It Out - 2014 Brighton Closing Day

Ben gets pumped on closing day at Brighton.

2014 Brighton Closing Day Photos:

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